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"If you are looking to reward your top performers with the ultimate chance to relax and unwind from their daily jobs, than The Yoga Concept is the perfect pick for your next travel incentive."
You know your company best. Through teaming up with us you have found a sensible and interested partner who will take time to deeply understand the vision you have in mind for your team members. You will be able to create the perfect drive for your event professionally, teaming up with the senior Eventconsultant Mag. (FH) Alexander Fischer - Sitar (Sports, Culture- & Event-management), who looks back to 23 years of experience in corporate entertainment and is now specialized in soulful events. 
"If you can dream it, we can make it!" Alexander chose to regularly dedicate off time from his main real estate business to help people enhance with their personal work-life balance, promote a healthy & happy lifestyle, inspire "to enjoy life as if is golden." Coaching soulful retreats and incentives means an important social exchange to him personally and is from great help to keep is own balance in fresh playing shape. 
An incentive represents a very loving gesture and at the same time is a valuable investment into the future dynamic and efficiency to reach your company's daily goals. Studies today show the importance of team members being truly connected to each other, respectfully accepting and granting the strength and weaknesses between individuals in different positions. This is exactly where we come in, we care about happiness, health and intrinsic motivation.  This is why it is a great idea to integrate a touch of the entire "yoga philosophy" into your event, which is definitely not only "stretching" but helping the individuals to remember that our bodies & minds are real and vulnerable, so we do great in taking care of the inside as well. 
Our promise is to treat your valuable time as if it is ours, this is why we do not sell "best practice packages" of incentives and team building but bespoken events, personally created for you!

"In the following we would like to share some inspirations, so you can start to get creative on your vision, needs and budget. Everything is possible and magic is happening already.

Image by Erik Brolin
A "Tough Love" introduction into the whole philosophy of Yoga and it's positive tips and tricks to gain better health, happiness and efficiency. We will focus on developing a personal "morning routine" which might be a little difficult in the beginning but later on in daily life will be from great help to keep you balanced, healthy and happy. Nobody said it's gonna be easy, but together we can! After participating we made sure that everyone returns home having understood the 8 principles of Yoga excellently:
Yoga por la piscina
8 LIMBS.jpg
Yates de lujo de vela
Vista marítima

Imagine your company is gone for sailing!

A 3-7 days mindful sailing holiday featuring surprising and rejuvenating side events along the route. No space for more than 8 people on board of one yacht? This is where the "Mothership Sailing Incentive" comes in. Our marine logistics team is able to handle up to 10 sailing yachts at a time. Everything changes out there when sailing various yachts together: A real adventure is started, cruising next to your collegues on the same course, waving hands, regatta feeling, unforgettable stories to tell in the evening! It is so exciting when we all land on the beach for sunset drumming, enjoying mojitos and healthy Ayurvedic dinner, after an exciting day in the ocean. "swimming in the moonlight." The Mothership: Mindful sailing days/ weeks for groups up to 80 pax.

Image by Daniel Cano
Image by Gianni Scognamiglio

Please note that this is a "non riding experience". 

Soulful Horse Meditation serves as a meditation method that will held in the presence of one or more horses. We are going to practice guided meditation circles close to our powerful friends taking them out walking ourselves by foot , learn about their daily routines and care, as well as spend time with them to empower and heal ourselves while playfully enjoy the workshop's highlights. 

"Horses forge the mind, the character, the emotions and inner lives of humans. People can talk to one another about all these things and remain distanced and lonesome. In partnership with a horse, one is seldom lacking for thought, emotion and inspiration. One is always attended  by a great companion. Connection with horses especially when during meditation can teach us the skills we need to to handle the trails and turbulence of life. Perseverance, patience, self-discipline, empathy, forgiveness, leadership and much more." We offer 1-7 days Horse Meditation Workshops for groups of 20 participants max.

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